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NRG  Energy Efficient Building EPS Polystyrene Insulation Systems is pleased to announce a revolution in Lightweight cladding systems. NRG Building Systems is the first company to achieve CodeMark Accreditation and BAL29 Fire Testing on EPS cladding systems.

NRG Greenboard Wall System has Codemark and BAL29 Accreditation on the complete system, comprising of NRG Greenboard, fixings, render beads, polymer modified render, reinforced mesh, textures, and membrane coatings. NRG is the only company to achieve Codemark Accrededitation making the system fully BCA compliant. NRG Greenboard has legislated product acceptance nationwide, giving the consumer total peace of mind and confidence.

NRG Greenboard has passed extensive fire testing procedures (in accordance with AS1530.8.1-2007) by Global testing company Exova Warringtonfire, which enables NRG Greenboard to comply in BAL29 areas (Bush Fire Attack Level). Used in conjunction with the NRG Batten system (NRG Battens) increases the R-Value to 3.31R. 

INSURANCE COMPANIES are now insisting that EPS cladding systems have BAL Rating and Codemark Accreditation. Why risk a product that insurance Companies will reject. Once again NRG Greenboard gives the designer, certifier, builder and customer total confidence and piece of mind.

Total Thermal: R-Value 3.48


PRODUCTS: NRG Greenboard direct fix or cavity, NRG Greenboard Bal29, Architectural Sunhoods, Blades & Profile Mouldings, NRG Designer Series, ArchitectuaI Facades, NRG Greenbatts, Fencing, Letterboxes, NRG -CR-EPS Batten System

SOUND RATING: NRG Building Systems has tested a 60mm NRG Greenboard(TM) total wall system and the acoustic performance result is Rw35, Ctr-6.Please refer to NRG test Results. The NRG Greenboard walling system can be further enhanced by using a "sound rated" insulation batt. Please refer to the insulation manufacturer's specifications

TERMITE RETARDANT: NRG Greenboard contains a termite retardant (Bifenthrin) and NRG uses 62% more in their product than the minimum require Kosp Construction also have a range of Sips Panels

FIRE RETARDANT: NRG Greenboard contains a flame retardant additive and will not support fire, it has a spread of flame index of Zero.

If in a fire situation the toxic fumes are no greater than that of timber or other building material

GROOVED PANEL: The Surface of the NRG Greenboard panel has Grooved both sides allowing the inside surface to breathe and channel any possible condensation away through the Grooves, downwards to the base of the wall.This particularly important where "Insulation or breather sarking" is used. The exterior surface groove creates maximum adhesion for the NRG polymer modified render.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: NRG Greenboard requires less energy to produce than other traditional materials and contains no CFCs or HCFC.NRG Greenboard does not contain ozone-depleting substances and none are used in the manufacturing of this product. NRG Greenboard can be recycled or NRG recommends leftover NRG Greenboard can be placed in the walls for extra insulation

EASY TO USE: NRG green board panel size is 2.480mm x 1200mm allowing installers to cover the external walls quicker and easier. For the builder and there client, NRG Greenboard gets the project to lock up stage quicker allowing other trades to start and complete their tasks.

INSULATION PROPERTIES:  All insulation materials are rated for their performance in restricting heat transfer. This rating is expressed as an R-Value which is a measure of the material's resistance to heat transfer (thermal resistance). The higher the R-value the greater the insulating effect.


THICKNESS:                                   40mm          60mm           75mm            100mm

R-Value on Total Wall                    1.92R            2.44R             2.83R              3.48R

BAL 29: NRG Greenboard has passed extensive fire testing procedures (in accordance with AS1530.8.1-2007), by Global testing company Exova Warringtonfire, which enables NRG Greenboard to comply in BAL29 areas( Bush Fire Attack Level). See BAL29 Specification guide

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