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We supply the only certified Hemp Blocks in Australia.

Acrylic Render and Texture

Transform your surroundings with Acryloc's diverse range of fashionable finishes, tailored to complement surfaces such as brick, concrete, fibre cement, foam, AAC, proprietary panels, and lightweight concrete.

No matter the surface, we have the perfect solution for you. Starting from the preparation stage with our Primerbond range, all the way to the final coat of Armourflex Protective Membrane, we provide comprehensive coverage. Our offerings include Cement-based Renders, Acrylic Texture Coats, and a variety of options.

5 major advantages of the hemp block for your project 

Protection and Fire Resistance

The IsoHemp hemp block: a compliant and effective solution for industrial, collective, and residential construction projects. It offers simplicity and addresses site challenges while meeting current standards. With outstanding fire resistance (class A1) and customizable thickness, it provides over 2 hours of protection. This 100% natural block is environmentally friendly, manufactured with locally sourced limestone and hemp using a low-energy process. Notably, a single pallet of IsoHemp hemp blocks stores 100kg of CO², contributing to a positive carbon footprint.

Humidity Regulation

The hemp block's exceptional water vapor permeability creates a balanced and healthy indoor climate. With a stabilized relative humidity level (around 50% to 55%), it acts as a water buffer. Its versatile applications include:

  • Renovation and insulation of old buildings, including brick or damp walls.

  • Interior renovation to insulate walls beneath wooden floors, ensuring excellent preservation and preventing condensation issues in material transition areas.

  • Humidity regulation in commercial projects with high humidity variations, such as archive rooms, museums, sports halls, and swimming pools.

Acoustic Insulation

Whether IsoHemp hemp blocks are used for your walls or interior partitions, external and ambient noise will be significantly reduced. In terms of sound insulation, the hemp block acts as a real sound trap and helps to dampen most sound waves, protecting you from noise pollution. 

Thermal Regulation

The hemp block naturally regulates the temperature of the building thanks to its excellent ability to diffuse accumulated heat. This high inertia insulating block protects:

  • cold in winter by keeping the heat in the house longer. 

  • hot in summer by avoiding overheating of the habitat.

As a real thermal buffer, it maintains a constant indoor temperature and significantly reduces the impact of heat variations between day and night.

A 100% Natural Solution

The hemp block meets the strictest requirements of sustainable development: it is manufactured according to a very low energy-consuming process, using 100% natural materials (limestone and hemp) that are sourced locally. A very positive carbon footprint, since a pallet of IsoHemp hemp blocks stores 100kg of CO².

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ISO Hemp Blocks How to Guide

ISO Hemp Blocks How to Guide

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