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Clay Panel

The oldest building material in the world in its most modern form

Clay is a gift of nature. For thousands of years, people have used clay for healthy construction techniques - until it was almost completely replaced by industrial building materials.

With Lemix®, the advantages of clay as a building material are introduced to drywall construction as a lightweight and fast construction method for the 21st century. With the precision and quality of the first industrially produced clay panel (often also referred to as “clay building slab”). Lemix® is a modern clay panel for interior construction and can be used in the same way as conventional plasterboard.

Lemix® is ecological, perfectly suitable for biological building and compostable.

Lemix® is excellently suited for the cladding of interior insulations
Healthier living with Lemix®
  • Made of natural,  raw materials

  • Stores heat in winter protects from heat in summer

  • Ensures perfect regulation of the room temperature and a comfortable indoor climate

  • Regulates the air humidity and therefore protects against mould

  • Allows water vapour to permeate and is therefore also suitable for wet rooms in residential buildings

  • Neutralises air pollutants

  • Absorbs odours

  • Provides particularly good sound insulation due to its high bulk density

  • Non-flammable

  • Does not release any harmful gases

  • Is sustainable as it is compostable and 100% recyclable

The latest generation of clay panels

  • Is the ideal dry construction solution for interior construction in timber and masonry houses and for the renovation (also of listed half-timbered dwellings, for example)

  • Offers creative freedom to planners and architects

  • Is manufactured in automated plants, in primary energy- and resource-saving way

  • Has high mechanical strength due to jute fabric backing

  • Provides high dimensional accuracy and improved edge formation

  • Ensures shorter assembly times by reducing the need for complex levelling layers or delicate bonding points

There's no easier way.
Easy to set up.
No complex levelling layers.
No delicate bonding points.

Especially in older buildings, the substructure often is undulated and uneven. It makes work hard when using wet plasters.Not so with Lemix®.Complex levelling layers are not necessary here. The wooden slats comprising the substructure are not only used for fastening the clay panels - they also compensate for any unevenness.

Lemix® is excellently suited for the cladding of interior insulations

Interior insulation is a very sensitive system in terms of building physics, but often the only way to achieve modern insulation standards. The high storage mass and the moisture-regulating properties of clay building materials complement the insulating materials perfectly.With Lemix®, such insulation can be easily and safely clad.

Also as dry plasterboard - a fine thing

Clay panels can also be used as dry plaster slabs. They are glued to flat surfaces which must be dry, solid, dust-free and clean. Usually, a mortar or adhesive bed is used over the full surface.

Clay Panels

Clay Panels

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