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We supply the only Australian - Certified Hemp Blocks

Shiv & Binders

Zero Carbon Building System.
Eco Friendly & suitable for Internal and External walls.

Hempcrete is a sustainable building material made from a mixture of hemp fibers, lime, and water. It offers excellent insulation properties, regulating temperature and moisture levels in buildings. Hempcrete is lightweight, non-toxic, and has a low carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional construction materials. Additionally, hempcrete is breathable, allowing for moisture control and reducing the risk of mold growth.

Shiv binders, also known as hemp-lime or hempcrete binders, are an essential component of hempcrete. Shiv binders are made by combining the woody core of the hemp plant (known as shiv) with lime. The shiv acts as an aggregate, providing strength and stability to the hempcrete mixture. Lime acts as a binder, helping to hold the mixture together. Shiv binders are preferred due to their compatibility with hemp fibers and their ability to create a durable and lightweight material. They contribute to the sustainable and energy-efficient properties of hempcrete structures.

Things to know

Hempcrete for what types of applications?

With ProKalk limestone and IsoHemp hemp, the hempcrete allows you to insulate the walls of your house from the inside in two ways 

  • poured into a wooden formwork

  • applied directly on the wall: no visible joint, smooth finish (recommended only for professionals)

Hempcrete can also be used in addition to IsoHemp hemp blocks in specific applications if, for example, the walls to be insulated are not even. In this case, it is advisable to fill the gap between the existing wall and the new wall of hemp blocks with the correct amount of hempcrete.

Advantages of hempcrete

  • Comfort: constant temperature and heat retention in the home

  • Breathable and anti-humidity product: continuous regulation of the moisture in the air

  • High acoustic insulation: sound reduction index varying between 37 and 45 dB depending on the thickness chosen

  • Easy to work with in renovation projects

  • Fast production directly on site

ProKalk Limestone

A pre-mixed binder specially adapted for making hempcrete. Composed of hydraulic lime and aerated limestone, this ready-to-use product can be mixed directly on site.

Its advantages:
  • 100% natural product

  • Suitable for mixers and spraying machines

  • Insulation of cold and heat

  • Humidity regulation

IsoHemp Hemp

A quality aggregate which, mixed with ProKalk limestone, makes a light-weight and insulating concrete that can be quickly and easily produced on site.

Its advantages:
  • Adaptation to the building

  • Performance guarantee with ProKalk

  • Very low dust rate

  • Locally sourced

  • Use in both renovation and new construction

The Two IsoHemp products used to make Hempcrete

How to make Hempcrete?

By combining IsoHemp hemp and ProKalk limestone, making hempcrete has never been easier. Simply mix the hemp and limestone with water in the proportions indicated in the table below depending on the desired application.

We recommend using a pan or a concrete mixer. First, pour 80% of the required amount of water and ProKalk limestone into the machine. Wait a few minutes to see milt appear.

Then gradually pour in the necessary amount of hemp needed until a pasty mixture is obtained. Add the remaining 20% water and adjust if necessary.
Be careful not to spin the mixture too long to avoid the formation of small balls. Use hempcrete quickly. Repeat as many times as necessary.

​Radik Hemp Sip panel is a Modular Fabricated zinc-coated strong Steel Frame that has ProKalk Lime/Binder and Building grade hemp sprayed into a steel frame supplied in a kit form and is an easy install panel.


ProKalk Hempcrete supplied by IsoHemp which KOSP Construction Resources have formed a partnership to bring to the Australian building market a fast & efficient building method over the traditional hand tempered into formwork system, this fast and efficient system will enable Hempcrete to become a more viable option for home builders.

The ​Radik Hemp Sip panel system which can have wall thicknesses of 200mm or more depend on the design of the project are accompanied by components of window trusses, door trusses, Tee columns & corner columns, screw & bolts, etc for an easy install complete framing with hempcrete system. They can be uses as a single internal wall system or double-wall system for the external wall, that’s suitable for the professional builder, or for the owner/builder.

KOSP Construction can cater for all needs and can supply a complete system suitable for all scenario’s, for ease of construction, but projects should be designed to suit the standard components of Rapid Hemp panels, for a more economical system.

Depending on the size of the cavity in between the double ​Radik Hemp Sip panel can deliver from 2.9 to 3.7 Rt(m2K/W)


ProKalk Hempcrete is a combination of water, hemp aggregate, and lime base binder to produce thermal and acoustic properties. ProKalk buffer's temperature and humidity prevent damp and mould growth. It is fire and termite resistant, lightweight, and forms a hard wall surface, yet it is vapor permeable to help reduce humidity and prevent condensation.

KOSP Construction Resources can also for the standard Hempcrete system, where frames are already in place, can spray the Ozhemp Prokalk Hempcrete in lieu of the slow hand tempered packing into the frame.

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