Timber Frame to allow fixing hemp board.
Spraying Hempcrete against another facad
Framing to allow cover of Brick wall wit
Finished Hempcrete to allow fixing
Ereasy Projection (Spraying) Kit
Spraying Connector
Connector of Spraying apparatus
Spraying apparatus connectors
Sprayed Hempcrete
Hemp Shive & EReasy 120 Binder

KOSP Construction Resources is the Oceanic Distributor for Baumer EREASYⓇ 120 binder & Reasy Projection kit that can spray 6 cubic metres of hempcrete material. 

Revolutionary NEW Baumer EReasy 120 Binder for mixing with hempcrete shiv, for tempering or spraying of said material 

Benefits are per one cubic metre are: 


01/ Only 5 bags (15kg) total of 75Kg of Baumer Ereasy 120 Binder, instead of standard Hempcrete mixing using 10 bags (18kg) total of 180kg binder, a saving of  105kg of material per cubic metre.


02/ Less Labour when mixing of materials Savings $$$$ 


03/ More efficient saving on mixing time Savings $$$$


04/ Less Storage space & freighting costs, a saving of, on a standard build of say 50 M3 is 5250 Kgs of materials saved, this is 13 Pallets you don’t have to freight down to the project, Savings $$$$ 


05/ AND THERE are MORE Lower prices meaning great savings, KOSP offers the best price for binders & shiv in the Oceanic region 


06/ EREASYⓇ 120 is the best performing binder for hempcrete.

Its dosage of only 75kg / m3 (a 33lb bag for 44lb of hemp) allows a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions and gives it great thermal resistance allowing it to reduce the thickness of the walls. In addition, EREASY hempcrete requires very little water when mixed (20 to 25 liters for 200 liters of hemp)


The high-performance formulation of Ereasy120 binder allows more hempcrete to be produced with much less binder. 
Only 33lbs (15kg) of the binder for 44lbs (20kg) of hemp. 
EREASYⓇ Hempcrete provides the best insulation performance with wall thicknesses of only 10 inches (25cm). 
This same dosage is also very suitable for the insulation of attics, floors, crawl spaces.

Due to its unparalleled performance, Ereasy120 is the most ecological binder for the most economical Hempcrete constructions. 

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