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The IsoHemp Block is a non-load-Bearing glued masonry product designed for the production of healthy and natural insulating envelopes, partition walls, and counter–partitions. Very versatile, it is highly appreciated by professionals for both new construction and renovations, whether they are single-family, collective, or tertiary projects. 

The IsoHemp blocks are particularly suitable for the construction of residential houses, the doubling of existing walls internally or Externally, As well as Industrial partitioning and Apartments. It allows you to achieve low energy, very low passive house standards. 

They are technically approved and have all the necessary certifications and compliance.  








Natural Insulation materials are the perfect insulation solutions. You save energy, are healthy, and do not cause garbage. It's only a matter of time before this durable and sustainable way of insulating will become standard. With an energetic renovation, insulate now intelligently and increase the value of the property. 

Fully biodegradable and recyclable. 




Do you want to build or renovate energetically and do it pollution-free and ecologically?
Natural insulation materials made from raw materials that are renewable every year are the ideal solution. No forests are cleared for THERMO NATUR products. All of our high-performance insulation materials are low in pollutants, fire-resistant, mold-resistant and robust. Our innovation THERMO JUTE is also a 100% upcycling product with the best thermal insulation 

Hemp Clay Panel 16mm/22mm Thickness is ideally suited for planking interior walls, wooden wallboard frames, drywall or slatted constructions, ceiling cladding and for entire loft conversions.


Lemix® clay panels are modern clay panels for interior construction and can be used in the same way as conventional plasterboard.

Lemix® is ecological, perfectly suitable for biological building and compostable.

  • Made of natural, raw materials

  • Stores heat in winter protects from heat in summer

  • Ensures perfect regulation of the room temperature and a comfortable indoor climate

  • Regulates the air humidity and therefore protects against mould

  • Allows water vapour to permeate and is therefore also suitable for wet rooms in residential buildings

  • Neutralizes air pollutants 

  • Absorbs odours

  • Provides particularly good sound insulation due to its high bulk density

  • Non-flammable

  • Does not release any harmful gases

  • Is sustainable as it is compostable and 100% recyclable​


Tradical lime renders are suitable for a water-resistant and work hand in hand with IsoHemp Blocks to create a Vapour permeable wall system for exterior use and create smooth straight and true sand finish. 


Agaton internal clay plaster is a two-coat system first coat being a clay plaster and second coat being a clay colour combined making a biological interior finish. 

Unilit 40 is a traditional, dry premixed mineral water-repellent finishing mortar based on natural hydraulic lime as the binder and appropriate well-graded aggregates.

Unilit 40 is characterised by a slow but strong bonding, a high plasticity, a low content of soluble salts and an excellent water vapour permeability. 

The natural hydraulic lime mortar is inherently stable and designed to reduce problems of micro cracks along with premature drying out. 

RadikHemp Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs) panel is a modular fabricated zinc-coated strong steel frame that has ProKalk lime binder and building grade hemp shiv sprayed into a steel frame supplied in a kit form for a quick and easy install. 

PANEL: KOSP Construction has developed a revolutionary, fast construction method for Hempcrete building methods in lieu of In-Situ.


KOSP’s HempKote panels are designed for new residential construction, extensions, or re-cladding for houses and or Multi-Residential walls. HempKote utilizes the environmental credential of ProKalk Hempcrete to provide a cost-effective and sustainable cladding panel system that can be used as a single or double skin, hung onto on a timber or steel stud frame. The panel has a reinforced galvanized steel bar sheet for added strength. 

KOSP’s HempKote panel system provides a lightweight, easy construction, and a highly durable external and internal cladding system for the residential building market. 

Zero Carbon building System. Eco Friendly & suitable for Internal and External walls. 

Hempcrete is used for interior and exterior insulation of existing buildings, as well as for the filling of wooden frames in new constructions. 


Hempcrete for what types of applications? 

With ProKalk limestone and IsoHemp hemp, the hempcrete allows you to insulate the walls of your house from the inside in two ways  

  • poured into a wooden formwork 

  • applied directly on the wall: no visible joint, smooth finish (recommended only for professionals) 

Hempcrete can also be used in addition to IsoHemp hemp blocks in specific applications if, for example, the walls to be insulated are not even. In this case, it is advisable to fill the gap between the existing wall and the new wall of hemp blocks with the correct amount of hempcrete. 

KOSP supplies Hemp Shiv and Prokalk binders to mix together and a new products of pre-mixed Shiv and prokalk in 1000Kg bags or 20kg bags

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