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Rapid Framing System


KOSP’s Rapid Framing System has been developed in a kit form for the owner builder for ease of install and for the professional build for buildings where building blocks are tight and not easily accessible. The modules come in a 600mm wide panel, for External & Internal walls, that a light and easy to maneuver by one man, it doesn’t need a team of men to lift a large section of framing

The Modular System are interlocking panels when fixed into each other and have a double stud on the LHS and a triple stud on the RHS of the panel and fit into a bottom and top track this design makes them the strongest modular framing system that’s on the market, and eliminates the need of intermediate columns.

The Rapid Modular system are fabricated to any required sizes relevant to the engineered drawings, and can be adapted to all scenario's and are assembled as pre-manufactured panels. Junction Studs are used on the corners and Tee studs are used on intersecting or butt joins where needed. Studs are used where the lengths of panels exceed 6-meter spans if required. Junction studs are: 2.440mm,2700mm & 3000mm in height

Please Note: IE: WE will have the panel sizes as per graph Standard Radik Hemp Sips Panels and renamed STANDARD RAPID MODULAR GALVANISED FRAMING PANEL SYSTEM


Please Note: Photos off Rapid panels as per Radik panels without the hemp

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