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RadikHemp Modular Wall Panel
Window Frame
Top and Bottom Track Mock
RadikHemp SIPs Panel System 


RadikHemp Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs) panel is a modular fabricated zinc coated strong steel frame’s that has ProKalk lime binder and building grade hemp shiv sprayed into a steel frame supplied in a kit form for quick and easy install. 

 . ProKalk Hempcrete supplied by Isohemp which KOSP Construction Resources have formed a partnership to bring to the Australian building market a fast & efficient building method over the traditional hand tempered in-situ form work system, this fast and efficient system will enable Hempcrete to become a more viable option for home owners and builders. 

Economical System


KOSP Construction can cater for all needs and can supply a complete system suitable for all scenario’s, for ease of construction,  projects should be designed to suit the standard components of RadikHemp SIPs pane, for a more economical system.

 ProKalk Hempcrete is a combination of water, hemp aggregate and lime base binder to produce thermal and acoustic properties.  ProKalk buffers temperature and humidity, prevents damp and mould growth. It is fire and termite resistant, lightweight and forms a hard wall surface, yet it is vapour permeable to help reduce humidity and prevent condensation.

A RadikHemp SIPs Panels building is constructed by assembling factory manufactured panels made from insulating ProKalk Hempcrete removing the need for additional insulation. 

Custom size panels can be manufactured relevant to engineering design. 

RadikHemp SIPs is a strong affordable and environmentally responsible solution for the construction industry. 

RadikHemp SIP’s Benefits


Lightweight | Elasticity | Porosity | Permeability to water vapour | Sound Absorption


Summer comfort | High thermal Resistence & Hygrothermal Transfers | Suitable for thermal improvement of existing buildings 
Sustainable thermal efficiency even under unfavourable conditions


Agricultural production without plant protection products | Minimal depletion of Natural Resources  | Carbon Storage
Indoor air quality: No VOCs or known toxic elements

Quick & Easy installation

The RadikHemp SIPs panel system which can have wall thickness’s of 200mm or more depending on the design of the project are accompanied with components of window trusses, door trusses, tee columns & corner columns, screw & bolts etc. for an easy install complete framing hempcrete system. Radik Hempcrete SIPs system can be used either as a single or double wall system for perimeter or interior wall, that’s suitable for the professional build, or for the owners and builders.

RadikHemp SIPs system is a modular zinc coated strong steel frame that has insulating ProKalk Hempcrete core for thermal and acoustic protection.ProKalk  Hempcrete is a sustainable and insulating composite made from of ProKalk lime binder and building grade hemp shiv. 

The RadikHemp SIPs panel system with ProKalk Hempcrete sprayed into a steel frame are supplied in a kit form for an easy and quick on-site installation.

RadikHemp Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPs) interlocking panels when fixed into each other have a double stud on the LHS and a triple stud on the RHS of the panel, this design makes them the strongest panel, eliminates the need of intermediate columns. RadikHemp SIPs system panel are precast and pre-dried ready for easy and quick install

Quick & Easy installation

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