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Lime & Hygrothermal Renders


Tradical Hygrothermal render is hemp render with insulating properties. 

It can be applied indoors and outdoors, on all kinds of clean and sound substrates, and is compatible with a wide variety of finishes Lightweight insulating render

  • Rectifies highly uneven surfaces.

  • Used as brown coats on materials exhibiting low mechanical strength.

  • Considerably improves thermal comfort by increasing surface heat and controlling humidity, especially on cold walls.

  • Considerably improves acoustics through absorption.

  • Improves thermal inertia.

Insulating Screeds


HempKote Panels can be used for insulating floors fitted in between existing joists and Tradical Hempcrete can be used to build insulating screeds.

On Solid ground floor thanks to their thermal performance characteristics.

On the upper story, floors owing to their low density as well as their thermal and acoustic performance characteristics.

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Inertia

  • Improved Acoustics

  • Levelling of existing floors with significant differences in evenness

  • No excessive load thanks to a very low density, 375 kg/m3 with Tradical PF70

  • The flexibility that allows for adaptation to possible structural deformations

Insulating roof and unused roof space


Tradical Hempcrete meets the requirement for the construction of Hempcrete Structures: Roof Insulation, and is used within the scope of this page.

Chanvribat blended with Tradical THERMO enables you to prepare ultralight mortars to thermally insulate roofs:

  • In sloping parts before installing the roofing

  • In the depth of the attic floors

  • On the floors of unused attic spaces

  • High Thermal performance

  • Improved acoustics

  • Summer Comfort

  • High Inertia

  • Moisture transfer

  • A lightweight solution


Standard Tradical Lime Renders

KOSP Construction Resources is a qualified applicator of Lime renders, we recommend a three-coat lime render on Hempcrete

Basecoat using Tradical PF70 with fibreglass mesh embedded into 100% of the wall surface

Second coat using Tradical PF70 to fully encase the fibreglass mesh, this eliminates cracking and is far SUPERIOR to standard Lime & sand renders that tend to crack, examples of shoddy workmanship in WA can be supplied on request

The third & Final Finish coat is a water-resistant PF80 that stands the test of time


Colours for Lime Renders


Oxide Pigments can be used in a wide variety of applications where aesthetics are just as important as structural integrity and lime durability.

Colours can be supplied on request.

The oxide pigments that are used are produced using internationally recognised quality control standards. Our full range of oxide pigments are guaranteed UV stable and nonfading for use in all interior or exterior applications when mixed thoroughly through the concrete mix.


KOSP Construction Resources only offers first-class service and eco-friendly building products with technical support and understanding of the importance of prompt delivery, consistency of supply, and expert technical service.

We prefer to go overboard than take shortcuts that are quite common in the industry, we may be more expensive than others or cowboys out there, but at the end of the day, you need to be stress-free in knowing that the job has been exceptionally well done, and we can assure you, that you will be completely happy with the finished product and not be disappointed.

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