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HempKote (Patent pending)


KOSP Construction has developed a revolutionary, fast construction method for Hempcrete building methods in lieu of In-Situ.

KOSP’s HempKote panels are designed for new residential construction, extensions or re-cladding for houses and or Multi-Residential walls. HempKote utilises the environmental credential of ProKalk Hempcrete to provide a cost effective and sustainable cladding panel system which can be used as a single or double skin, hung onto on a timber or steel stud frame. The panel has a reinforced galvanized steel bar sheet for added strength.

KOSP’s HempKote panel system provides a lightweight, easy construction, and a highly durable external and internal cladding system for the residential building market.

HempKote Panel System on a Standard 200M2 External Wall surface Project will store 5.2 Tonne of CO'2 gases

Seasonal Comfort


The HempKote Cladding System provides you with seasonal comfort all year around.

Comfort in winter from a 20cm wall system thickness absorbs 80% of variation in outdoor temperature for outdoor temperatures fluctuating between 6%C  and 22% over 24 hrs. For readings taken over 12 days in May, we can observe that the indoor temperature remains stable at between 14% and 17.5% without the use of heaters

Comfort in summer from a 30cm wall system thickness absorbs 95% of variation in temperature on the surface of the outdoor wall for outdoor temperatures fluctuating between 12%C and 30%C, for readings taken in Septembers in, we can observe that the indoor temperature remains stable at between 22% and 24% without the use of coolers or air conditions.

High Quality


KOSP Construction fully recommends using Prokalk Hempcrete products for you external and Internal wall coatings, and to be applied by a certified plasterer in ProKalk, with a fiberglass mesh embedded into the render over 100% of the wall system, with using ProKalk   & High Quality dry Sand.
Coat the wall system once the wall has dried, at approx. 1.5cm depending on weather conditions. Apply a traditional base coat with fiberglass mesh embedded, brown coat And ProKalk air lime finish.


HempKote Attributes


When panels are rendered and are finished, they pass the knock test by the consumers, and they have also galvanized protected reinforced steel, inside the panel horizontal & vertical, improving the security and strength of the product. The panel is fitted on top of or on a rebated design in the slab, thus taking the weight of panel, fixed to the load bearing frame in a Stretcher bond horizontal pattern



HempKote panel system come on a flat pallet 11 high for less labor,  ease of workability, and great site costs savings, plus less wastage on site. HempKote panels come semi dried so saves construction time compared to In-situ which has four times the drying time.

It is highly recommended that HempKote panels are installed by approved Installers and coated by approved applicators certified by KOSP Construction Resources. 
The speed of construction reaches key stages quickly. Using HempKote cladding systems leave a safe and clean work site with less clean up at the completion of the building.



The frame is the load bearing and structural system of the wall system, so the structural loads including bracing and hold downs requirements for the frames should be designed in accordance with the Relevant Australian standards and the BCA 



The HempKote Cladding System can achieve very good R-values. The R-values can be related to the dwelling. The grater the R-value the more comfortable the temperature will be within the dwelling. The HempKote Cladding System easily achieves the thermal requirements as set out by the BCA.


The HempKote Cladding Systems is Eco-Friendly and non - toxic producing no harmful gases, both after installation and during manufacturing unlike most Cladding solutions. It also allows your building to breathe and omits a negative carbon footprint. 
HempKote is made from sustainable raw materials and is completely free of pollutants and toxic substances.

HempKote Benefits

Reduced carbon emissions | Stable internal temperatures |  Provides Good Indoor Air Quality

Made from highly sustainable material ProKalk  Hempcrete 

Another advantage is the vapor, if using defusing openness of this material. Walls with vapor barriers are often likened to a plastic bag. Our insulating material doesn’t work like that, it lets walls breathe like a second layer of the house.

With the use of Hempcrete will realise your commitment  and dreams of making the world safe from CO2, as constructing buildings that have an overall ZERO GREENHOUSE EFFECT IMPACT and is a widely-accepted objective today. Improving energy efficiency contributes to this goal, but it requires an increase in the quantities of materials used to achieve better wall insulation, which generally leads to greater quantities of GHG emissions in the manufacture of these materials.

Unlike other materials, ProKalk Hempcrete is not only optimise their thermal transmission factor in attaining these zero objectives, but also curb grey energy consumption and the impact on depletion of natural resources as well as improving their greenhouse effect performance by storing even more CO2.

Supplied to site on pallets to fit the size of the building HempKote provides a green hassle free cladding system finished with Eco friendly lime renders.

The 90mm thick steel reinforced HempKote Cladding Panels are supplied in a standard length of 2200mm and a standard width of 600mm and a average mass of 37 kgs per panel.



Watch Now


100mm: R-Value 2.5        1200mm x 600mm

120mm: R-Value 3.0        1200mm x 600mm

140mm: R-Value 3.5        1200mm x 600mm

160mm: R-Value 4.0         1200mm x 600mm


HempFlax Plus is a high Quality insulation material made from natural fibre of the industrial hemp plant. A natural and sustainable product with exceptional insulating properties. The unique thermal, moisture-regulating properties and acoustic effect of hemp fibre contribute distinctly to a healthy and sustainable living environment. The basis for natural comfort.

HempFlax Plus insulating products are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, facades and floors in new and existing constructions.

Hemp Fibre is the wonderful natural alternative to synthetic and mineral insulation materials.Besides traditional construction techniques, our product is ideal for timber frame construction.

When HempFlax materials are used in "vapour - permeable" building constructions & HempKote Wall system, the unique qualities of this natural product become even more enchanced

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