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Ezylite panels are made from inorganic minerals reinforced with 3 layers of fiberglass mesh providing superior strength for external wall cladding.  Ezylite panels are the next generation wall cladding systems that simplify the installation for Fire Rated (FRL) 30/30/30, 60/60/60, 90/90/90, 120/120/120 and BAL FZ. A lightweight panel that offers an easy yet cost effective solution to your building needs.

All Ezylite  products are Non-Combustable tested to AS/1530, 1


Fire Rating: Ezylite Australian Standards: AS/1530 1, AS/1530 2, AS/1530 3 and AS/1530 4 2005. Achieving BAL 20 to F-Z (Flame Zone) in accordance with AS/3959.  All FRL (Fire Resistance Level) tests were conducted at Exova Warringtonfire on a full scale load bearing wall in accordance with  AS (Australian Standards and  NATA  (National Association of Testing Authorities)


Ezylite Board is a Carbon Negative building product and contains No Silica -Asbestos -Formaldehyde - or any harmful inorganic materials.

Ezylite board can be Recycled and reused in production, Ezylite board is made from using the worlds 8th most abundant resource, producing approximately  60% reduction in energy consumption when compared to Portland Cement and Gypsum Plaster Board.

Key Benefits

Impact Resistant // Fire Rating 60 + min // Non Combustible // Thermal Rated Mold Resistant 

Water Resistant // Environmentally Friendly

Astrix Panel

The Astrix Panel has achieved an  Acoustic rating of RW63+Ctr51, and has a 120/120/120 Fire rating

Astrix Panel is a light weight panel with superior strength, a 600 x 2100 @ 50 mm thick has a total weight of 18 Kg/ Panel. Astrix panel achieved an FRL 120/120/120 when installed direct to timber / steel frame or battens.


Easy to cut and install, Astrix panels provide a simple yet cost effective wall cladding solution.  Astrix Panels achieved an acoustic rating of Rw 63+ Ctr 51, one of the highest value for noise reduction for a 50 mm panel.

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