With Award-Winning House Designs, KOSP is a One-Stop-Shop for Hemp.

From non-load bearing or load-bearing hemp block or supply and or spray your project with hempcrete and binders


For a smarter way to live

Use a smarter way to build



KOSP Construction Resources Pty Ltd is a family-owned and operated business with over 50yrs experience in the building industry. We build with environmental zero-carbon materials in the form of Hemp Blocks, Hemp Shiv & Binders, and Hemp insulation, Lime & Clay renders delivering to our customers a low carbon building system in which we are committed to saving the planet from Global warming. KOSP Construction Resources supplies & installs zero carbon building systems in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, and the Oceanic region. 


KOSP Construction Resources vision is to be a part of a worldwide movement and be an environmentalist playing a big part in our region of the world, changing people's concepts of building and trying to influence the local building industry, influence with our experience people's minds away from standard building practices with a bottom dollar mentality, that has been creating huge carbon increases into the atmosphere and helping our icecaps to disappear and melt. 


KOSP Construction Resources uses only superior hemp products, that will go a long way in helping our vision of a better world. These products from Iso Hemp, Thermo Natur and Agaton clay renders and paints which will build a sustainable building and will go a long way in producing Zero Carbon Building systems and saving Co2’s from the menace of coal produced energy