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Thermo Jute 100


With THERMO JUTE 100 the jute shows what it is made of. Great class in terms of resource conservation. Convincing building physics properties. And - like all THERMO NATUR insulating materials - pollutant-free and long-lasting. Best summer heat protection!


85-90% Jute 
Fibers 8-10% Biopolymers PET Supporting Base 
2-5% soda for fire protection


Forms of delivery / formats
Mat or roll goods


Thermal conductivity
Rated value: λ D (23.80) = 0.039 W / (m · K)


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Thermo Jute 100 plus


THERMO JUTE 100 PLUS is the consistently ecological new development from the jute range. Pure nature from high-quality jute fibers and bamboo fibers on a purely plant-based basis. Best summer heat protection!



85-90% Jute 
Fibers 8-10% biopolymers PLA-based backing fiber 
2-5% soda for fire protection


Forms of delivery / formats
Mat or roll goods


Thermal conductivity

Rated value : λ D (23.80) = 0.042 W / (m · K)

Advantages of Thermo Jute 100​ and Jute 100plus
  • energy saving

  • Healthy and pollutant-free

  • Best heat protection

  • Good cold protection

  • Good soundproofing

  • Top insulation values: Cold and heat protection

  • Specific heat storage capacity c = 2350 J / (kg · K)

  • Novel upcycling product Minimal consumption of finite resources

  • Very good room climate due to moisture balancing behavior

  • Uncomplicated, quick installation in façade, roof, wall and floor

  • Free from harmful ingredients

  • Free of environmentally harmful ingredients

  • Extremely low primary energy demand in the production, because of recycled jute fibers, fire protection by soda, a natural salt approved for the production of food

  • Health friendly processing

  • Skin-friendly (no itching and scratching), harmless to respiratory system

  • No mold infestation, best grade "0" (according to EN ISO 846)

  • No pest feeding (no nutrients like proteins or starch included)

  • Active environmental protection through renewable raw materials: The jute plant removes CO 2 in the growth phase of the environment

  • Easy disposal and recycling

  • No unpleasant odor emissions

  • Attractive price

  • Available as roll and mat product

  • Made to order without surcharge: from an order of 40 mats of the same width.

  • Cost-effective construction site logistics

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